Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear NHL,
I would like to report that I do not have NHL hockey on my TV. It's September already and I can not believe there is not NHL hockey on my TV. Please remedy this situation as the less hockey there is on my TV, the more likely I will watch other sports, sitcoms and who knows maybe even NASCAR (yikes). The longer you are not showing hockey, the less likely I am to come back. I forgave your last lockout. This one, not likely. My team has basically locked us out of a Stanley Cup my whole life, so clearly I will just find a better use of my time, as I haven't really missed anything. Good luck winning back the little bit of the US market share you have struggled to gain, as I think this lockout will be worse to the NHL then the other major sports prior lockouts / strikes. Unfortunately, hockey in the US market was verging upon irrelevant, and this lockout is ensuring you win the Mr. Irrelevant award when it comes to the major sports leagues.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jeff Harris Curl-a-thon 22-23 February 2008

Well the Curl-a-thon is almost here and the preparations are frantically being finalized by many on the committee. I can not believe the level of generousity of not only our members at the Philadelphia Curling Club, but those from other clubs, industry, local sports teams, and olympians is remarkable. Thank you everyone for your support and hoping for a great event this weekend. More information on the event is located at the club website here: Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Junior Girls at Nationals

Our junior girls are at Nationals! Well some adventure to be had before. Nothing like a blizzard in the mid-west to add to the flying delays. The Philly to Chi-town delayed 4 hours in Philly, hence missed flight in Chi-town to Cheese-town, WI. So, rental car to Portage ala Planes-Trains-Automobiles style. As of 11 PM, they were still in Illonois in the *blanking* cold. But they are having fun, right? Hope this does not affect their games, but only adds to the fun.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is running an article on Sunday about the Anderson rink, and they are also running a video on their website here:

Go Team Anderson!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to the World of Curling Canuck

Yes I know you were waiting all your life to have me finally make a place where I can ramble about my nothingness, or is that emptyness... Wow a blog. What is the state of reality becoming when even I, a 37 year old can start talking about nothing and people read it. Oh right, that has been done already on NBC with Seinfeld. But I digress. Well this is it. My first post on my blog. Nothing special really when you look back at it. Not like sending an astronaut to the moon, or putting a John Hancock on the piece of paper, but more like a cheap bottle of champagne being broken against an even cheaper boat. So before I drone on forever, I will end my first post with a simple note. Don't drink and blog...